We are all born Creative

Rediscover your creative power and your most important voice.

Women's Creativity Lessons

Supportive small group sessions to help rediscover your most important voice.

A series of unique sessions created especially for women interested in learning more about the fundamental workings of the creative process and rediscovering their personal path to creative freedom. The sessions explore the inherent transformative nature of creativity and offer unique tools for spontaneous art making that can assist in finding the direction to your most joyful heart.

Path To The Heart

In this honest look at creativity we will explore what it means to be creative in our culture. To live from the center of our open hearts, giving ourselves permission to be fully creative, visible and authentic down to the core.

Time To Be Brave

The path to the heart is a magnificent one to walk yet one that is often brimming with unforeseen contradictions. To live a creative life and be fully visible, we also choose to be vulnerable and make all that it conjures up our friend. This journey is a courageous one, requiring us to be more bold and brave than ever.

Opening For Joy

The path to the heart and the bravery it requires is a fair exchange for the surprise around the bend. Becoming reacquainted with the joy in our hearts.

Each one hour session is a powerful offering for individuals and groups. These sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals, women's organizations, retreats and learning programs. The sessions can also incorporate expanded art education such as learning about a specific period of art history or specific art medium, etc.

To obtain further information regarding individual or group sessions please send an inquiry HERE.