Imagine a place where every living thing has its own voice, where animals and insects can speak, and even the flowers hum. Walk through the creaky gate and the child's garden at Laurel Hill is just an old, overgrown patch of plants. But one day playful young Daphne follows her dog through the doggie door and into a world of enchantment where she learns to communicate with Nature itself.




Laurel Hill is a publishing, theater, film and licensing concept which features a charming group of characters that entertain children and make learning about nature fun. The series invites children into an enchanting, sensory and timeless world - depicted in a 'real life made magical' style - that engages their emotions and imagination.

Themes: Nature, gardens, learning, enchantment.

Core Target Audience: Ages 3 - 7

THE MAGIC GARDEN, is the first in a series of eight stories ready to be told to children everywhere. Other stories in the series include; The Willow House, The Cashmere Cats, Invasion of the Sap Suckers, Thieves in the Night, The Long Nap, Spring at Last, and The Magic Words.


A lady bug landed on Daphne's finger. When she held the beautiful bug close to her ear, Daphne could just make out its tiny voice. "Are you a gardener?" Daphne shook her head. "No, but I'd like to learn." "" a very slow voice said. Daphne and Hugger looked down and realized the speaker was a snail. "Would you please?" Daphne asked. "I've always wanted to have my own garden."   


Being raised on a farm and owning her own farm Michelle Eggan, the creator of Laurel Hill, has been an avid gardener and lover of the natural world for many years. She is passionate about sharing all that she knows and feels about engaging with the rich learning opportunity that comes from nature itself, directly with nature's vast classroom. As a University of Minnesota Master Gardener, Michelle developed a children's kitchen garden curriculum as part of her work with a children's community garden project. She has also contributed to the Children's Learning Center at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and their children's nature classes. After receiving educator certification from the Leopold Education Project she went on to create a new experiential learning program called the Natural Green Classroom, a curriculum specifically designed to encourage discovery and learning in nature's classroom, helping children learn about nature, develop greater self-esteem and a sense of stewardship toward living things and the environment. The program was implemented in collaboration with Spring Hill School, an emerging K-8 Waldorf School. The result of all of Michelle's passion, experience and commitment to the land and learning is, the Laurel Hill Nature Series.

"The object is to teach the student to see the land, to understand what he sees, and enjoy what he understands."     Aldo Leopold