Organic Herbal Soap Packaging

Natural ingredients are always a wise choice. They vibrate with energy and have the power to restore balance & sustain your unique skin health.

Our all natural herbal soaps are made with basic organic ingredients. All fragrances are pure essential oils (plant extracts); colorants are herbs; and preservatives are plant extracts.

Every variety of soap is prepared with a combination of pure saponified oils: organic safflower and sunflower for a soft, moisturizing quality; palm oil for a rich, smooth lather & coconut oil for its cleansing strength. The oils are combined with real herbal ingredients, such as dried calendula flowers, rosemary leaf, and peppermint leaf.

The herbs create unique textures & colors. Madder root to imbue a deep shade of red, wheat and barley grass to create a vital spring green. The gentle fragrances come from 100% essential oils. No artificial dyes or fragrances are ever added.

Available in Lavender Comfrey, Prairie flower, Lemongrass, Blood Orange Bergamot, Shea Honey Oatmeal & Fresh Mint.